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PWYW)( Pay What You Want is a payment method where the client decides how much the service or the product is worth. If you are a happy client’ because from start to finish the experience had been pleasurable and the finished product is great, you can opt to be generous and pay a handsome sum or you have the choice to pay less. Either way, you can choose to pay what you think is fair price for the quality of work. All we would hope is that you pay a fair price and both parties are sure to be happy.
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Along with providing small business’ websites for fair prices, If your business is a ‘non profit’  we live up to the ‘social enterprise’ name by designing and building websites from the ground up, and all for FREE!
So here you can understand a little more about our unique ‘pay what you want’ (PWYW) model. Now I am guessing you are here because you would like to know what is a fair price to pay for a website. You may genuinely want to pay a fair price but how are you to know what is a fair price? Just like building a house where most houses are not the same, every website is different too, with each requiring a different approach and unique design and taking a certain amount of time to complete.
Above you can see the average cost of the websites we have built and the time taken to build. The price is the amount that the customer has chosen to pay. You will see the average time taken and finally the average hourly rate we were paid.
Now what you see is certainly not what you must pay, it is just a guide to help you along. Shortly you will be able to  take a look at our portfolio of work where you can look at each website we’ve created, the final price the customer was willing to pay, as well as how long it took us to from start to finish.
Along with the hard numbers, this is also a tool to help you decide what you think is a fair price to pay as you can compare a completed customers websites’ design and functionality with your own after we complete it.
So to decide what you should pay you can compare our previous work with the website we have built for you along with how long it took us to make vs the average cost/hourly rate of all of the websites we have built in the past. Most importantly the decision as to what you pay us should based upon how happy you are with our service and the final product.
Whether we like it or not the importance of a business having a web presence is continually becoming ever more apparent. Business’s as we speak are evolving and adapting to new challengers that a technological landscape presents. If you are a business striving to improve and innovate – to become more efficient and stay relevant to your customers, then you are likely reading this due to that desire. You probably either do not have a website or you want to bring your existing website up to date.
Investing in a new website is no different to investing in a new coffee machine. (if you are a Cafe business.) They both have 2 things in common;  they are an investment. As a shrewd business person you no doubt expect a return on your investment  and you want value for money. While investing in the right coffee machine for your cafe might have its own challengers, like quality and, reliability vs cost ratio and so on. They are variables as a business person you definitely need to consider.
Not all investments for your business are quite so straightforward and easy to draw educated and reliable conclusions. As after all we cannot and do not know everything!
Especially as a small business owner or start-up we may not have the resources to employ staff equipped with the specialist knowledge to provide us with the best value investment solutions.  As an example, a small cafe does not generally require an IT guy so why would you employ one? But when your business requires a new website or POS system, it would naturally be your IT guy who you would rely upon to provide you with your best return on investment.
Many small businesses just simply cannot afford to employ specific staff to look after very specific aspects of a business and these responsibilities levied on the business owners solely.
So as a result of the above you as a business owner have to either do the research yourself and acquire some basic knowledge to aid your decisions or employ a professional business who have your best interests at heart but therein lies your problem.
With a new website, where do you start and who and what do you go with? While there are lots of great web designers and businesses out there at all price levels, there are also lots of charlatans too and they are all ready to dictate the cost while you will never really know for sure if you are getting good value for money.
The above creates a problem where startups and small business are often reluctant to invest in a new website.  There is nothing worse than having to commit what can be a substantial amount of money for something you un sure that you are generally getting a good return on investment. Websites are intangible and it is often hard differentiate value from one to another.
So with that in mind Interwebz are trying to approach this issue left field. We want to give our clients the control, so what you pay for a website we make for you, is up to you!
We of course hope that you will pay a fair price based upon a broad range of factors/variables that we will be transparent enough to show you.  An example could be the time it took us to build your site, the features and functionality it has, what others opted to pay and of course how happy you are with the overall experience and end product.

So is this too good to be true? Here I will try to explain the motivation behind our business model.

We at Interwebz want to be an ethical and collaborative business. Think of us as your very own IT/Web department and also the individual Web Designer as your own employee.  Life is tough, and on a personal level we all get through it with a little help from our friends and family. I would like business’ to be a little more like this. By being nice and fair we can still earn enough money. While we don’t pay or are charged for that little bit of help that we do get from friends and family, it wouldn’t hurt if businesses’ provided help and expertise to other businesses for a fair price. In particular, if bigger more successful businesses made fair concessions for smaller or start-up businesses we might have a better economy right now.  If we aim to elevate businesses so that they can be the ‘best that they can be’, then better for owners. staff and the consumers alike.

Being a Web Designer can be quite lucrative if you can of course find regular customers.  Even forgetting the big 6 figure contracts there is a large Web Design market of small businesses and start-ups. This market is hard for Web Designers to penetrate due to a degree of IT ignorance and especially a lack of confidence and trust to what is on offer so they fail to make that leap.  Many small business owners that have made the leap have too often been left disappointed – with poor value for money websites that cost more further down the line.

At Interwebz we could go out there and be like every other Web Design company – and fight for business but let me tell you it is hard work and there is allot of time and effort wasted but the reward can be hugely lucrative. Getting the work often means being a good at selling yourself rather than anything else.  No matter how great Interwebz are or not, when you are fighting 10 other companies for a job, we all look the same in the face of the customer…Gulls fighting over a bit of bread!

Gone are the days when website were coded from the ground up and took months and months, most simple but attractive websites generally take 5 days to 2 weeks but you might pay $5000 -$10000 or $1500 or $3000 and so on, without and idea of actually what you are going to get.

Although it would be nice to be rich, as long as our Web Designers at Intewebz earn a fair wage then they are happy. What is a fair wage you ask? Well the average Australia wage is around $65,000 Per Annum, so if I was doing something I love, like building websites everyday and after 1 year I earned that then I would be more than happy. The great thing about Australia that on an average fair wage one can still live a prosperous life, have a house close to the beach, car motorbike and still save money.


I hope that you have a general idea of what we are about. We have actually been pretty busy after launching Interwebz and ironically have yet to finish our own website. In time we will be adding more to our site including some great tools to help you decide what is a fair price to pay for a website of your making.

If you have any more question please get in touch via the below contact form and we can go from there.

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